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Poem by Colin Skilton

(fountain, image by Christian Peters, on Pixabay)

May the Lord be with me

May the Lord heal me, mend my soul with love,

Let me fly to the place that l should be seeing

Make my body whole, and full of joy and happiness,

That l may make each day a wonder and enjoyable.

Let me see the world as it should be, away from the clouds,

Let the blue sky shine in serenity as the sun glows again.

Be in my heart and body, for you are my true salvation,

As l breathe and experience the wonders of this world.

Let my heart share the joy and spread your beautiful words,

Make them mine for all to share, enrich our souls.

Let every sinew of our mind and body resonate to your love,

Filled with thy Holy Spirit, let us bring peace to a tearful world.

No more sadness as we share the love with all who would hear,

And for those who will or cannot, stay with them always.

For in truth we are all the children of God, we are all as one,

In life and love we must find the truth of life and the true love.

So, Lord, heal my body and soul, heal my mind, heal my heart,

Breathe on me and let me sing the true song of love again.

Child of God, be with me always, share my eyes, share my voice,

Let me see the wonders of life, sing its song, speak its words.

Above all, Lord, let our voices be heard above the hate and anger,

Above the tears and sadness, alleviating the pain with sweet joy.

Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, save us all, save us all in love, true love,

Save us with kindness and joy, music and words of wisdom.

That we may share with you always—you, the true love of this world.


Colin Skilton was born in 1956. He has been writing poetry for many years and has

had poems published via magazines, newspapers, and other publications. He enjoys writing, especially Christian verse, and is a devout Christian. Colin enjoys all aspects

of writing, including story writing.

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