A Poem by Lucia Walton Robinson: "Saturday-night Psalms"

January 15, 2017








Saturday-night Psalms




His joy is overwhelming.

Like an answered prayer

it surprises me,

lifts my heart to bursting

as an overfilled balloon,

red, gold, ascends a sunburst sky;

and though I’m deaf and blind

like every ordinary mortal

the blood of my heart, every vein

courses through me joy,

the inexpressible


        most precious joy

              of knowing


               GOD IS

        GOD IS LOVE.







Holiest of Holies,

I stand upon a mountain-top;

My heart stands on tiptoe

to rejoice in You.


Like a lover returning early

You come upon me suddenly

and pull me high

where Your sun shines.


The snow sleeps at my feet.

Dappled forests and skyfilled waters

ripple all about,

the ribboned rainbows of my joy.


Anguish waits,

and weariness;

You will loose my hand.

I must go down.


But You will come again,

O loving lifegiver;

You will lift me again

to the mountain-top.


Holiest of Holies,

my heart stands on tiptoe

to rejoice in You.


         © Lucia Walton Robinson







Lucia Walton Robinson is a born-again Episcopalian filled with gratitude for salvation.

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