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A Testimony by Janine Pickett: " When God Sent His Butterflies"

When God Sent His Butterflies

My family thought I was crazy for believing in a supernatural God who loves them. All they'd ever known was the hypocrisy of “religious” people and, like so many others who feel judged and condemned, they had turned away from the church.

About a year ago, a particular family member was going through a difficult time involving her son and I asked God for a word to share with her. He gave me a vision of her standing in a beautiful garden dressed in vivid colors. In my spirit I heard, "She is one of the most beautiful flowers in my garden." I relayed this message to her, and she laughed. She accused me of making things up to help her feel better. I told her I wouldn't do that. She said,"If God is real, there are so many people on the planet, he wouldn't bother with me."

But she asked me to describe the garden anyway. I said, "Beautiful colors, flowers and plants, new growth and blooms. You are wearing the vivid colors of the garden, and there are butterflies all over the place." Over the next few months, I'd gently tease her whenever she wore bright colors. I'd tell her I knew she was dressing like a flower so God would notice and send his butterflies. We'd both have a good laugh, but I think that secretly she held on to that hope, that message. Her troubles with her son soon worsened, leading to a separation from him. She was devastated.

She finally agreed to go with me to a new church I'd visited a couple of times. The following Sunday when she picked me up, I noticed her colorful, garden-print blouse. I asked about her son and she told me she had been praying that God would restore their relationship. I told her I had been praying that God would reveal himself to her so she would know just how real he is.

We arrived at the church, took a seat in the back, and watched as the pastor approached the podium. He began to speak, then stopped, looked around in amazement and said, "I don't know why, but I am seeing a vision of butterflies released over the congregation."

Monday morning her son called and asked if he could come see her. He walked through the door, hugged her, and said, "I love you, Mama." She says she is no longer a non-believer. She is learning to trust the God of hope. The God who reveals himself to those who seek. The God who plants seeds and grows faith. And sometimes even sends butterflies to reassure us he loves every flower in his garden.

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