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Three Poems by Donal Mahoney: "OMG", "Bell and Star" and "At Traffic Stops


Seeing is believing

smart people

often tell me but

no one ever told me

believing is seeing

except this blind lady

I help across the street

who taps her cane

and tells me

you’ll find out

when you leave Earth

and whirl among the planets

and soar behind

the sun and moon

on the way to your place

believing is seeing

someone some say

isn't there.

Bell and Star

Let me be a star

and shine in places

darkness dwells or

let me be a bell

and ring in places

silence knells or

let me show the way

I plan to travel while

we wait together

for the final call.

What else to do but

pray with all of you.

At Traffic Stops and Sand

After he died on a tree, he rose

and told the twelve

before he ascended

he would return some day.

The twelve told others and they

told others and 2000 years later

others still tell others but not

everyone gets the message.

Or maybe they don’t believe it.

Or maybe they just ignore it.

Some folks know who he is

but are too busy with other stuff,

buying a house or car,

watching Netflix on TV,

shooting people at traffic stops,

beheading people on sand.

The day he comes back we’ll see

sheep and goats lined up on

one side of him or the other,

zillions of them, sheep so

calm, goats in a dither.

You and I will be there,

on one side or the other

and so will everyone else.

In that bright light

everyone will see the one

too many can’t see now.

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