Visual Art and Haiku by Janine Pickett

"Worship Series"

Like David I dance,

through worship my heart is raised

into your glory

I fall to my knees,

you refresh with your presence,

my lantern refills

I offer up praise,

you breathe and my spirit soars

on wings made of light

© Janine Pickett

Janine's nonfiction work has appeared in commercial print magazines including Country Woman Magazine and Chicken Soup For The Soul Series. Her fiction was nominated by Thema Literary Journal for The Year's Best Horror and Fantasy #17. Current poetry appears in print anthologies-Tis The Season, An Anthology of Christmas Poems, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze, GFT Presents. Online: Poebita Poetry Magazine, GFT Press, The Creativity Webzine, and various others. She recently co-edited a poetry anthology: The Poets of Madison County. Janine is the founding editor and publisher of Indiana Voice Journal and Spirit Fire Review.

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