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Tuesday Tips: The Music of Your Poem

Updated: Jun 25

fallow deer, image by Mabel Amber, still incognito..., on Pixabay

Okay, so what's with all the pictures? They

all have ears. Ears can be very handy when

writing poetry. Read your poem out loud,

and it will help you to know if the meter,

the rhythm, is working well or not.

small bunny, image by Simona Robová, on Pixabay

It’s also a way to find out if certain words

go well together; if you “stumble” over a

certain part, chances are the reader will,

too. Take the opportunity to fix the problem

ahead of time by playing with other ways

to build your poem.

To me, poetry is a type of music in words.

Listen to the music of your poem.

If you are unable to speak or to hear the

poem, ask a writer friend to help with this.

As I’ve shared before, we want writer friends

who will give kind, honest feedback.

squirrel, image by Gerhard Gellinger, on Pixabay

What if it just feels really awkward to read

a poem out loud to yourself? Then you can read to your dog or cat – or squirrel?

cat, image by skeeze, on Pixabay

These tips may be geared more toward writers, but we also welcome

submissions from artists, including musicians and photographers!

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