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A Heavy Love: poem by Douglas J. Lanzo

Morning dew on red berries, image by Ute Becker, on Pixabay.

morning dew on red berries, image by Ute Becker, on Pixabay

A Heavy Love

My father carried his wife from room to room, lifting her spirits each day with a love greater than the weight of her deepening dementia.

She remained with him in the house they had shared as kindred souls together for so many treasured years.

As she deteriorated in her abilities, the toll exacted upon my father’s mind, body and spirit rose steeply, yet he did not balk at, or even question, the price, insisting that she remain with him in their house, with his caring for her every need. Then, one day, as he approached his beloved wife, she asked, “Who are you?” Momentarily stunned, he paused, then gently said: “I was sent by God to care for you and to never leave your side.” “I miss my husband,” she mused. “I wish he could be here with me. You remind me of his kindness.” “He loves you very much, and he is here with you in spirit,” my father answered. “Oh, you know my husband!” she exclaimed, her eyes gleaming with joy. “Yes, indeed, I know him well,” he whispered, lost in thought. “Would you be so good as to tell him how much I love him?” My father nodded, but in his heart he wept.


Douglas J. Lanzo is an award-winning poet and novelist. Doug’s poems have found homes in literary journals and anthologies across the US, Canada, the Caribbean, England, Wales, Austria, Mauritius, India, Japan, and Australia. His novel, The Year of the Bear,

published by Ambassador International, has been endorsed by a bestselling author. Doug resides in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with his wife and twin sons (who are also internationally published poets), enjoying nature, tennis, fishing, and chess. His author

website is located at

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