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An Affair with Love: poem by Michael H Brownstein


image by Sofia_Shultz_Photography, on Pixabay, modified

An Affair with Love

They were not a young couple

with a love of lust,

but elderly,

with a lust of love.

Do you know the difference?

Somewhere personality exposed itself,

imagination, creativity, intellect,

a theology of together—

two talking heads waking together,

snow falling outside,

the temperature falling from 50 to 6 below,

a wraparound wind,

neither one so uncomfortable they need to turn on the furnace.

Whew—that was a long line.

A lust for love,

not a love of lust.

Thirty years of marriage.

It does get better.


Michael H. Brownstein's latest volumes of poetry, A Slipknot to Somewhere Else (2018)

and How Do We Create Love (2019) were both published by Cholla Needles Press.

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