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Artisan, by Katie Heaston

(Lago di Limides, Italy, image by Julius Silver, on Pixabay)


Ridges ablaze, mountaintops are on fire

Ornamented with magenta and gold

Adorned in formal evening attire

Puffed with bursting accents of marigold.

Blown from broiling furnaces of molten glass

Erubescent hues dance and fuse fiercely

Skillfully crafted in a master class

Settling into streaks of luxury.

Oils layered like a painter’s pallet.

Strokes of sapphire cast with well worn brushes.

Colorful clouds covering like a blanket

Moving with the ever-changing canvas.

The artisan of the sunsets abounds

In creativity, God’s presence resounds.


Katie Heaston is a Colorado native who adores the mountains and snow! She is currently a student at Colorado Christian University pursuing a degree in secondary education, with hopes of becoming a high school English teacher. Since she was fifteen, poetry has been an outlet allowing her to showcase her love for the Lord through the beautiful power of language. Katie considers it an honor to be able to articulate God’s work in her life and deepen her knowledge of Him through writing.

May 2021 issue

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1 Comment

WOW! Such a beautiful picture of our powerful God. Thank you Katie! I’m so proud of you

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