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Bread Haiku: 3 haiku by Kim Deslaurier

fresh-baked bread, image by Kim Deslaurier

Bread Haiku

Baking bread my prayer

Thanksgiving and praise to God

for all of His Love


Rising smell of yeast

Kitchen filled with warmth and love

Communion with God


Knead for six minutes

Hands heart mind meditation

Stories like bread rise


Kim R. Deslaurier taught writing for 20 years, and while her students were writing, she was writing with them. Highlights in her life were receiving a National Writing Project Fellowship, hosting poetry events, and promoting young adult writers through the Young Writers Project. Inspired by her prayer group, daily devotions, and the grace of God, Kim writes haiku every day.

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Outstanding and keeping the 5/7/5 alive and well and glorifying our God through it, such a gift we have, praise God


Mar 03, 2022

"Stories like bread rise." Love it!

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