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Cracks: by Carol Farnsworth

cracked pottery, image by Manseok Kim,

on Pixabay


We are vessels holding all that we are.

Others near us are the same.

Each whole, but untouched.

How to share with others?

A crack forms in our clay,

letting in light and life from close by.

Light within us, moves from each cup.

More cracks start but no essence is lost.

Sharing the light and each other.

Not at a distance.

Sharing bits of lives,

light lost, found, gained.

Cracks widen, we see

bits and pieces

till we are face to face,

at a distance no longer.


Lord of Light

Lord, you bring light into my world.

Within my closed vessel crack the clay.

Like a million stars,

let your brightness and love fill me.

Banish the darkness of my sin hidden in me.

You created the sun to light our world and you sent your Son, Jesus,

to be the guiding light for us.

May I follow that light all the days of my life.



Carol Farnsworth is an artist and writes poems and short essays on the light side of living with blindness. Her writings have appeared in The Avocet, Magnets and Ladders, Plum Tree Tavern, The Handy Uncapped Pen, and the Blind Perspective. Carol was born with glaucoma and has experienced decreased vision all her life. She has had no vision for the last several years. Carol lives with her husband John. They ride a tandem bike to enjoy nature. Carol gets her inspiration for her nature poetry from these rides.

August 2021 issue

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