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Two Poems by Carol Farnsworth

(roses, image by karolyn83, on Pixabay)

Rosary I sit holding a bouquet of rosaries from my Mother’s belongings. One for each day in a week.

I twist them around my hand

to see the pattern

of my mother’s prayers.

I know the story of most of them. First communion,

confirmation, marriage,

and one for the birth

of each child

including the one in heaven.

The beads melt into tears

as I recall how many times

I was the rosary intended.

Unused now,

they adorn my bedpost. I pick one and start

the circle litany

until I reach the end

which is the beginning...



This is the time to restore relations with family and friends. I reach out to my Creator as I feel the wonders of this season of life. My attitude evolves to become a part of the whole. Recalling past divisions, I seek to mend. Finally, I have reconciled to living this day with joy and hope. Reconciliation.


Carol Farnsworth is an artist and writes poems and short essays on the light side of

living with blindness. Her writings have appeared in The Avocet, Magnets and Ladders, Plum Tree Tavern, The Handy Uncapped Pen, and the Blind Perspective. Carol was

born with glaucoma and has experienced decreased vision all her life. She has had

no vision for the last five years. Carol lives with her husband John. They ride a tandem

bike to enjoy nature. Carol gets her inspiration for her nature poetry from these rides.

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1 Comment

Oct 20, 2020

Tender poem about her mother's rosaries. And wisdom of "Reconciliation":

"I have reconciled to living this day with joy and hope."

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