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Did You Know Jesus? Poetry, nonfiction, and photos, by Laura Deschenes

Updated: Jun 26

Words on a maple leaf, words like "surrender, yield, shed, let go, loosen, allow..." the words are various shades of orange on a green leaf, image by John Hain, on Pixabay, modified.

(word images on leaf, by John Hain, on Pixabay, modified)

Did You Know Jesus?

The day has come for you to leave this broken world.

What goes through your mind as your time draws near?

Are you at peace with your life?

Or are you filled with regrets?

Do you know where you are going?

Or are you afraid to find out?

The time has come for earthly farewells.

As your breath becomes more shallow

And your heart beats slower

Are you surrounded by your loved ones?

Or is there no one else visibly around?

Your skin grows colder.

Your vision begins to fade.

You begin slipping away.

As you take your last breath

One question echoes deep inside of my heart for you.

Did you know Jesus Christ?



Oh God, why do I feel I’ve become so withdrawn?

Worn a mask for too long, where’s the real me gone?

So many emotions swirling in my heart.

I feel like from the inside I’m being torn apart.

Why can’t I get my words out? Why can’t I speak?

I can no longer pretend to be strong. I am truly weak.

Jesus, I’m begging, please make me new.

I am at the end of me. Let it all be You.


The Night That Changed My Life

It was December 14, 2017. Seth and I had decided it was time to get a pet. Since we lived in a one-bedroom apartment, a small animal was ideal. We decided to adopt a hamster and we named her Mina. This was not a worry for us since I had had a hamster before, but we had no idea what was in store for us that night.

Not even a few hours after having her, I was feeling very sick. I don’t remember all the details, but I went to lie down on the couch to feel better. I ended up feeling worse. Something was wrong. Something deep inside of me told me to go to the hospital. Seth

took me to Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas. By the time we got there, I could not breathe and was going into anaphylactic shock.

I remember Seth bringing me into the ER and immediately they took me to a room. As I lay

on the hospital bed, I remember thinking, “I am going to die… and I am going to go to hell.” Thoughts about how I lived kept playing over and over in my mind. Fear gripped my very soul. The nurse was on my right side, working quickly. Seth was on my left, holding my hand. I knew my time was almost up. With whatever strength and consciousness I had left,

I looked up and saw a man on a Cross. I thought to myself, “I don’t know how I know, but I know that You are my God.”

Regret flooded the depths of my soul. Tears stung my swollen eyes. I cried out within myself, “God, how did I not see You until now? I prayed to You every night, but I never truly prayed. If You will give me one more chance to turn my life around and live for You, I will. Please just give me one more chance to turn my life around.”

As soon as I called out to Him, I felt a coolness wash over me—from the top of my head

to the soles of my feet. I felt the breath coming into my lungs, and my throat opened up.

I heard the most loving voice whisper to me so clearly, “You are mine.”

That night changed me forever. It was the first time that I had ever felt loved. The Bible says, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). Well, that night, I knew deep down through the Holy Spirit that God was crying for me. It was the first time I ever felt like someone cried for me out of pure love. It was the moment Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me, even though I had no idea who He was at the time.

It is now close to the end of 2023, almost six years since Jesus saved me. Looking back, even though my near-death experience was the most terrifying moment of my life, I now know that Jesus was with me all the way. That night I was born again in Christ.


Laura loves "finding God in the nature that He has created."

"Sunrise" photo by Laura Deschenes

"Resilience" photo by Laura Deschenes

"Mourning Dove" photo by Laura Deschenes

Laura Deschenes is a born-again Christian. She originally grew up in the mountains of Missouri where she was able to enjoy the beauty of nature every day. Laura has always enjoyed art, writing, photography, and reading. She loves seeing her Creator through His creation, and glorifying Jesus through different forms of art and every day life. She is married to a wonderful man named Seth. They both enjoy exploring nature, reading The Bible, playing with their cats, and enjoying life together.

(December 2023 issue)

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18 dic 2023

Wonderful poetry and personal testimony. And I love the photos---especially, "sunrise."

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