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Empty Cider Bottles: two poems by Mykyta Ryzhykh

Photo: a bottle and two jars of apple cider alongside whole, red apples on an outside table with greenery behind,  image by Veronica Bosley, on Pixabay, modified.

apple cider, image by Veronica Bosley, on Pixabay, modified

we were left with a petal and

empty cider bottles as a souvenir

autumn has never been

so forgotten before


the ant

under my


taught me

to be small


Mykyta Ryzhykh is a writer from Ukraine. He is the winner of the international

competition «Art Against Drugs», bronze medalist of the Chestnut House festival,

and laureate of the literary competition named after Tyutyunnik. Mykyta has been

published in the journals Dzvin, Dnipro, Bukovinsky journal, Polutona, Rechport,

Topos, Articulation, Formaslov, Colon, Literature Factory, Literary Chernihiv, Tipton

Poetry Journal, Stone Poetry Journal, Divot journal, dyst journal, Superpresent

Magazine, Allegro Poetry Magazine, Alternate Route, Better Than Starbucks Poetry

& Fiction Journal, Littoral Press, Book of Matches, on the portals, Ice Floe Press,

Litcenter, and Soloneba, and in the Ukrainian literary newspaper.

(Spirit Fire Review, December 2023 issue)

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Dec 23, 2023

Brief poems that touch us.

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