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Guardian Angel: art by Carl Scharwath, poem by Cindy Bousquet Harris

Artwork by Carl Scharwath, painting of a red-haired angel standing behind a photo of a white statue of an angel, backgroun colors of various blues, the painted angel's wings are like streaks of straw pointing downward.

"paintography" by Carl Scharwath

Guardian Angel

(After Carl Scharwath’s art)

Shadow or sun,

seen or unseen,

grace showers blessings,

red-hair haloed, straw-spiked

blessings, scattered streaks

or downpours

packed and spilling over,

blessings reach wherever you are

and the face doesn’t matter—

they all come from God.

(Cindy Bousquet Harris)


Carl Scharwath has appeared globally with 175+ journals selecting his writing or art. Carl has published three poetry books and his latest book, Ebb Tide Reflections, features poetry, short stories, and photography (World Inkers, NYC.) Carl has four photography books, published by Praxis

and CreatiVIngenuity. His photography was also exhibited in the Mount Dora and The Leesburg Centers for the Arts. Carl is currently a co-editor

with ILA Magazine and was the art editor for Minute Magazine. He has been nominated for

three Best of the Net Awards, 2021, ‘22, and ‘23.

Cindy Bousquet Harris is a poet, photographer, licensed marriage and family therapist, and the editor of Spirit Fire Review. Her poems can be found in Nostos, Clamor, MacQueen’s Quinterly, Black Bough’s Christmas & Winter Editions II and III, and in several anthologies, including Poemeleon’s Over the Moon. Cindy has facilitated poetry workshops for adults and at-risk youth. Born and raised

in the Midwest, she now lives in Southern California with

her husband and their children. You can contact her at:

October 2023 Issue

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