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Heal Me, Oh Lord: 3 poems by Rolyat Mosi

Photo of a cement or stone wall that looks like something smashed into it, the colors are tan, brown, and rust, image by  露丝 沈 (Sureser) on Pixabay.

broken wall, image by 露丝 沈 (Sureser) on Pixabay

Short Is Life

Life is short and short is life that we have been gifted.

Let go of egotistic plots that bring no human value.

We must forgive with quickness of our beating heart.

Take in the world with caution, skepticism, and slowly.

Let our love be truer to the intended mark of care.

Love boldly in the span between life’s sunrise and sunset.

Then loudly laugh at life’s precious moments with joy.

Don’t allow anything to take your smile away from your face.

Life is short and short is life that we have been gifted.


Breaking the Cycle

Release desires of becoming bitter so you can act

from your love, not your pain.

Commit to being better than the hurt and harm you

healed from.

Grow larger than the ones who caused your life to

experience pain and misery.

Become the ones you needed in your recovery when

you were hurting.

For those who tried to shame you, deliver unto them

much-needed compassion.

To them that rejected you in need, you can be

accepting to their plight.

When judged by the minds of others,

choose to understand their hearts.

Be the person who sees the future path

and break the cycle today.


Heal Me, Oh Lord

Heal me from me, oh Lord, for I am broken.

I stepped on my heart to get back at someone

and now I can’t feel a beat.

When I kicked that person, I broke and

crippled my own toes.

As I tried to trip them, I fell upon my eyes

into blindness.

I didn’t want to hear them and went out in the cold

and froze my eardrums.

My inside is twisted and painful as I walk from injuries

caused to me by me.

I just can’t get settled into a better frame of mind

to restore my lost self.

Heal me from me, oh Lord, for I am broken.


Rolyat Mosi (his pen name) navigates

the creative world of collective words

aimed at the inside of the mind. Although

he has a Master’s degree in Economic Management, in retirement he has pulled

back from his business-related writing

and returned to his desired writing:

creative writing, including short stories,

prose, and poetry.

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