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His Heart-Work: poem by Mark Weinrich

Close-up of autumn leaves, red, yellow, green, orange, even purple, with gold page border, image by Stefan Schweihofer, on Pixabay, modified.

autumn leaves, image by Stefan Schweihofer, on Pixabay


Imagination flies on fragile wings,

in orange, apricot, magenta, gold.

For phantom inspiration cries and sings

through leafy clouds and showers, bright and bold.

Majesty with every dying breath,

as trees and fields rejoice before they grieve.

There is no gloom surrounding autumn’s death.

How can words describe, help others to believe?

For God has set my heart, this time ablaze,

my Lord’s creative call I can’t ignore.

I must exalt His holy signature

upon this canvas spread across these days,

For those who only gaze upon this land,

or all who know the heart-work of His hand.


Mark Weinrich is a cancer survivor,

a retired pastor, hiker, photographer,

and musician. His work has been

published in numerous newsstand,

literary, and inspirational publications.

He has sold eight children’s books

and currently has two fantasy novels

on Kindle.

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