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His Pond: two poems by Wendy Jean MacLean

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Photo: a large pond surrounded by green trees, grass, and shrubs, with clouds and blue sky, reflected in the slightly rippled water, image by Dede, on Pixabay, modified.

fishing pond, image by Dede, on Pixabay, modified

His Pond

After the funeral

the young man’s friends and family

brought his ashes to his favorite place

in all the world: his pond.

I said the words of committal

under blue sky

at the edge of still waters.

We added his ashes

to the shore

and offered his memories

to the murmuring weeds

and hovering clouds.

His brother took my prayer book

and handed me a fishing rod.

“Larry would be happy for you to catch a fish.”

After a cast or two

I felt the pull on my line.

A beautiful rainbow trout

offered a shimmering, wordless



Time in Meditation

Time in meditation helps

to balance the noise and demands

of even an ordinary day.

I choose silence, putting off the temptation

to accompany my pondering

with fine music or recorded chants.

It doesn’t take long for silence

to object. “You chose stillness,

not silence,” sing the crickets.

Waves keep time to the rhythm

of wind and the pull of the moon.

Leaves riff green bits of counterpoint.

Birds sing. My heart beats.

The day is full of invitations

to be part of the fluttering,

pulsing, throbbing, sighing,

sifting plenitude of blessed providence

on this ordinary day.

I choose delight.

Wendy Jean MacLean's work has been shaped by lifelong engagement with scripture, mythology, and literature. She has been published in Presence, Ancient Paths, Bearings Online, Crosswinds, and Streetlight, and three volumes of her poetry have been published. She is a columnist for Gathering, a grassroots liturgy resource. Her poetry has been commissioned by many Canadian composers and sung internationally. Wendy is a spiritual director, meditation leader, and United Church of Canada minister.

(December 2023 issue)

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1 Comment

Dec 23, 2023

I love this: "a shimmering, wordless benediction."

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