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In and Out of Time, by Bruce Mundhenke

(sign, arrows, image by Pexels, on Pixabay)


This part of the journey Has been long. I have wandered off the path So many times, And could not find My way, Not knowing That the light I chose Was darkness,

Until I came Upon the path Once more again. The path will Bring me back to You, And I will come At last to You again. Keep me with You always In that day, my Friend.


In and Out of Time King of kings, Lord of lords, Prophet of prophets, Before and beyond time. Nature a show Of His art, He made the thunder, The lightning, And the rain. He picks up The fallen, Again and again. In His wisdom He is gentle. He gives all To all, And all will Come to Him.

Bruce Mundhenke has worked on this leg of the journey

at a car wash, a Kroger Store, as a radio operator, a laborer,

and a registered nurse. He writes poetry and short fiction.

He lives in Illinois with his wife and their dog and two cats.

May 2021 issue

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