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Lord, I tried: 3 poems by Debra Masky

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Twilight silhouette of person sitting on a bench, their bicycle parked nearby, image by Melk Hagelslag, on Pixabay.

twilight silhouette, image by Melk Hagelslag, on Pixabay

Lord, I tried

Lord, I tried to make it on my own, I tried the world's ways I listened to the world but Lord, I could never succeed without you. Lord, I tried a lot I went to every god I prayed, I fasted, did so many things but in a worldly way. Lord, I could never succeed without you. Lord, I even tried to bribe you those others told me I should tired of sacrifices, I did so many stupid things other than connecting with you, Lord. This is my fault, Lord, I thought I could succeed without connecting with you without talking to you without giving it up all to you.

I tried but never could succeed.

Lord, I could never succeed without you.


Our Living God

Submit yourselves to God give yourselves unto Him; see the wonders He does in your life. Give yourselves up to Him leave all your cares and worries it is not worth worrying about. Our Lord and master He died for us on the cross, He gave His life for our sins; why then not submit to Him? He is waiting with open arms waiting for you and me resist the evil one

who will lead you to hell from where there is no return. Come now, brothers and sisters, let us all submit ourselves to our Living God!


God is my friend

Living alone is not always fun I don't mind, as I’ve gotten used to it Visions of my absent loved one, I see I keep myself from breaking down Don’t get that depressed for I have sweet Great memories of a life spent together

You learn a lot when you are alone To live with the ups and downs of life Some get stronger, and some can lose their way Nothing is impossible, for my God is my friend Every day I talk to him, and he is my best friend


Debra Shalini Mascarenhas (also goes by Debra Masky) lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She is a widow who lost her husband 12 years ago. She lives with her three children. Debra worked as

an office manager for almost two and half decades and is now retired. Writing comes to her naturally.

She majored in Literature, writes short stories and poems, and is a self-taught artist, painting in acrylics. Debra loves to write and never stop writing. “I grab every opportunity to write.” She has two books published in the UK, Whispers of the Heart and

Sail into the World of My Poems.

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