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Night: a poem by Valerie Moreno

Abstract image of large circles, black, rich teal, and ruby red, the circles outlined in silvery white, image by Teresa, on Pixabay, modified.

circles, image by Teresa, on Pixabay, modified


Night comes too swiftly, I am not ready.

Troubles of the day wrap around my mind and spirit like a damp blanket, making me shiver. Loss-loneliness swells, grabs my heart with its rough hand almost crushing resilience to dust. Somewhere deep within, I call to You, needing hope and peace only You can give. My heart knows You hear me, even as I wait for this endless night to fade away at dawn.


Valerie Moreno has been writing since the age of twelve. Her inspiration

comes through music, faith, and life experience. Her poetry and nonfiction

have appeared in Magnets and Ladders (online literary magazine of Behind

Our Eyes) and in Franciscan publications. Valerie resides in New Jersey.

October 2023 Issue

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1 Comment

Dec 21, 2023

I love the hope this poem expresses, hope that is alive even in difficult times. "Somewhere deep within, I call to You.... My heart knows You hear me..."

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