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Poems by Mark Weinrich

Photo of two fuzzy little chicks peeking out from under the wings of their mother hen. image by Bernhard Falkinger, on Pixabay

hen and chicks, image by Bernhard Falkinger, on Pixabay


Even the tiniest twig

is a vessel of glory,

as snow robes

the landscape.

Such extravagance


like grace

offered freely.

It floods my heart

with joy and wonder,

as I ponder the exquisite

brightness, the settled peace

of a soul cleansed

whiter than


“Wash me, and I shall be

whiter than snow.” Psalm 51:7


Change of Dimensions

When I was entangled

in the world, I was blind

and deaf to the possibilities

alive with Jesus.

Doubt, unbelief,

painted everything

black, white,

or gray.

There was no wonder

in wonderful, no miracle

in miraculous.

But faith brought

full color, the inconceivable,

and eye-opening realm

of God’s Spirit

where a relationship

with Jesus makes

the incredible

and unbelievable

a way of life.


Like a Chick

He will cover you with his feathers

and under his wings you will find

refuge…Psalm 91:4

When I’m overwhelmed and overheated

with the world’s ways, I’m drawn

to the deep pools of forest shade.

I flee to the welcoming shadow

like a chick seeking refuge

under its mother’s wings.

Perhaps it feels like a cowardly act,

but I will not trust my own devices.

For anger spent can create debts

I never get a chance to repay.

What refreshing calm settles

over me in the cool safety

of His protection.

Like David I can sing and celebrate

this release. For what I perceived as threat

was never worth losing my peace.

And like the chick without strength

my path often ends and begins

within the shelter of His wings.


Mark Weinrich is a cancer survivor, a retired pastor, hiker, photographer, and musician.

His work has been published in numerous newsstand, literary, and inspirational publications. He has sold eight children’s books and currently has two fantasy novels

on Kindle.

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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2023

These are lovely. Especially love: "deep pools of forest shade"


"What refreshing calm settles

over me in the cool safety

of His protection." Praise the LORD!

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