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Simple Attention: Two Poems by Madlynn Haber

redstart bird, image by Wolfgang Vogt, on Pixabay

Simple Attention

The ordinary,

very usual,

almost unnoticeable

calls my attention.

Shining sunlight

through a prism

hanging in a window

casts rainbows

on floor, walls,

my writing hand,

the edges of the page.

Yawning with little to say,

a simple, everyday soul

seeks my attention, too.

I respond with presence.

Not every moment

needs applause.


When Suffering Spoke

The suffering spoke. It could no longer be silent.

It told one story after another.

There seemed to be no end

There was weeping, mournful cries of the voices

of mothers, children, witnesses tearing their

garments while banging their heads.

Flames rose hot, rain poured down

like crashes of thunder, waves

of despair, of longing, of pain.

The cries of the world, the broken world,

filled almost all of the space there was.

Except for a sliver of moonlight, a tenderness,

a merciful receiver, a vulnerable heart.

Courageous and invincible like a pearl

open to presence, shining, clear, pristine.


Madlynn Haber lives in Northampton, MA.

Her work has been published in the anthology

Letters to Fathers from Daughters, in Anchor Magazine, Exit 13 Magazine and on websites, including Mused Literary Review, Hevria,

Right Hand Pointing, Mothers Always Write,

Random Sample, Club Plum Literary Journal,

Ariel Chart, The Sunlight Press, Sparks of

Calliope, and Adelaide Literary Magazine.

You can view her work at:

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