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The candle of remembrance: a poem by Carol Farnsworth

Photo of a woman facing away from us, wearing a warm coat, picture is sepia-colored. There is snow on the ground, image by Epi_, on Pixabay, modified

woman in warm coat, image by Epi_, on Pixabay, modified

The candle of remembrance

(This poem is about the author’s mother,

who was born on the first Armistice Day.) She slowly puts on a warm coat to walk the two blocks to church. It is early, before morning Mass. She moves to the side altar to stand before the statue of Mary. Votive candles glow to illuminate her face. Kneeling, she removes her rosary from her handbag. Slowly, she fingers each bead, praying for a lost soul. Each bead is for a loved one she has lost. The last beads are dedicated to the unknown soldiers who have no one

to remember them. Making the sign of the cross, she rises to leave. Year after year, she repeats this gift of remembrance for those lost to war. Today, I add her to my memories of friends, family, and strangers gone but not forgotten. I return my rosary to my pocket, warm with memories.


Carol Farnsworth is an artist and writes poems and short essays on the light side of living with blindness. Her writings have appeared in The Avocet, Magnets and Ladders, Plum Tree Tavern, The Handy Uncapped Pen, and the Blind Perspective. Carol was born with glaucoma and has experienced decreased vision all her life. She has had no vision for the last several years. Carol lives with her husband John. They ride a tandem bike to enjoy nature. Carol gets her inspiration for her nature poetry from these rides.

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