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The Power of Words: by Tuhin Ojha

Updated: May 25, 2022

rose, image by Bianca Van Dijk, on Pixabay

The Power of Words

There was an enormous gathering near the serene park following Valentine’s week.

Solitude engulfed my desires of becoming an adult too fast for a geek.

The smells of roses, the ambience of romantic grandeur all around.

Too much for a soul who still believes in precious letters, expressing emotion in each word.

I stood there like a kid, observing every artificial showcase of flattery and flamboyance.

Romantic paraphernalia surpassed the limits of venting, with robotic acceptance.

Feelings which come from within are not restricted to any particular day.

The "forever thing" is not a myth; it’s deeply intertwined with the mystical words

you write

and say,

cultured each day, every day.


Tuhin Ojha is a graduate in the discipline of Information and Technology. Currently, he works

with a multinational company and his past jobs include content writer, multimedia content creator, computer science teacher, technical lead, senior consultant, and campus ambassador at the London International Model United Nations. Tuhin has had

an inclination towards writing since childhood and kept his literary interests intact besides his mainstream studies. His poems and stories have been published on different platforms, including international poetry forums like "The Passion of Poetry" and "Motivational Strips." Poems

in his mother tongue, Bengal, have been published as an independent book, and have

met with appreciation. This is a special poem he wrote on Valentine's week this year.

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