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These Old Hands, by Christopher Matthew Thomas

Bible, image by FotoRieth, on Pixabay

These Old Hands

I thought I’d build my life with these two hands.

All I wanted they could reach out and grasp.

Strong hands able to create my life’s plans,

but they’ve weakened from the bite of time’s asp.

These old hands can no longer spin the wheel,

They’re unable to pull open the door.

The texture of my wife’s skin they don’t feel.

The jar’s lid they can’t open anymore.

But they took up the book on the table.

The old fingers fumbled through its pages,

And the trembling that plagues them grew stable,

Even as the man who owns them ages.

So, even though their power is long gone,

These old hands are now able to hold on.


Christopher Matthew Thomas is a bi-vocational church planter in Yokosuka, Japan. He works for the US military and is a former Army officer. As a soldier he completed tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt. He and his wife live with a rambunctious turtle named Edamame.

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