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Tuesday Tips: Branching Out

But I always write [free verse, epic poems, fill-in-the-blank]. So,

why change? There’s nothing wrong with specializing in a certain

form, or having a favorite. But sometimes it’s good to stretch, to

challenge yourself, to grow.

If you usually write short poems, see if you can explore, dig deeper,

continue the story further. If your poems all tend to fill one page,

how about trying to capture the essence, maybe one strong image,

in a haiku, senryu, or other type of micro-poem.

Do your poems always rhyme? Experiment with not rhyming; this

may be easier if you start with a prose poem, still poetic in tone,

though in sentences and paragraph format. Free verse your style?

Great, but think what you might learn from tackling a formal poem.

Pantoum, anyone?

Try a cherita, a tanka, a sonnet. Look up various kinds of poems;

there are lots of them! The Poetry Foundation is one resource:

May be going out on a limb here (sorry, couldn’t resist), but you

might find a new favorite, and maybe even discover that you like

branching out.

(ornamental quince, Manfred Richter, Pixabay)

These tips may be geared more toward poets, but we also welcome submissions

from writers of nonfiction and from artists, including photographers.

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