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Two Poems by Brian Kates

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

colorful variety of leaves, image by Arek Socha, on Pixabay


An iridescence of starlings

shape shifts over the salt marsh

at sunset, like dancers tying a

seamless ribbon around God’s

pink-packaged earth



Autumn leaves whisper

as they descend to the churchyard

to weave a colorful quilt for

my grandmother’s grave.

Soon the maples and the oaks,

their naked arms extended,

their roots holding her in tireless embrace,

will call snow from the sky, and sleep.


Brian Kates is a longtime newspaperman and holds a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing. His book, The Murder

of a Shopping Bag Lady, was a finalist for Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime. Recent poetry has appeared in Third Wednesday, Common Ground Review, Ekphrastic Review, and other journals. He lives with his wife in a house in the woods in the lower Hudson Valley.

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