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Two poems by Ryan Keating

sunset at the ocean's horizon, rich golds and orange, image from Pixabay

sunset at horizon, image by "olesya41" on Pixabay

—A Song For Iran—

Brave Persian women facing down the sun

at dusk like hosts who see away a guest

until it turns the corner of the horizon.

But they remain to welcome the shadows

without fear of what evenings might bring,

greeting a new night with clenched hope.

They stand close to one another, warm

untrembling hands interlocked and trust

like saffron blooming in their veins

and intensifying like orange flame

that burns away suspicion and shame

in a nation infused with life by the fire.

Their calloused fingers will receive

the reward of their labor in honor

and security for the people they protect

like lions wielding dignity, curved, sharp,

true, and preparing for a peace deeper

than the howl of packs of prowling jackals

who try to keep them at bay, afraid,

running in circles around them as prey

profiting from death and the terror

of the prospect of change. But they

break like rusted strings on a battered lute

that will play new songs for a new spring day.


— He Knows What Lies In Darkness—

“He reveals deep and hidden things;

he knows what lies in darkness,

and light dwells with him.” (Daniel 2:22)

He knows what lies in darkness:

Shadows slipping into closets

With staccato steps whispering Conspiracy;

Clumps of envying lizard beings

Scraping the cloth beneath the mattress;

And all the hideous monsters hiding

In the deep of Nebuchadnezzar’s nightmares—

Unspoken threats to power

And the power to unself kings.

He knows what lies in darkness.

The setting sun that curves past

The horizon of the knowable

Dwells with him as a light crown

Glinting off the mountain peak

Where no clouds obscure his reign,

Where rocks roll down to crumble

Corrupt regimes into dusty clay

And everything is revealed

And everything is his kingdom.

(Previously published in Wine Cellar Press)


Ryan Keating is a writer, pastor, and winemaker on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. His work can be found in publications such as Saint Katherine Review, Ekstasis Magazine, Amethyst Review, Macrina Magazine, Fathom, Vocivia, Roi Fainéant, and Miras Dergi, where he is a regular contributor in English and Turkish.

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