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What Birds and Angels Know: poems by Mark Weinrich

dragonfly, photo by Mark Weinrich


The dragonfly poses for me

revealing the fire-play of its life.

I’m stunned by the neon flow

in the vein-mesh of its wings

like coals ready to ignite.

God’s creative majesty

dazzles like a priceless jewel,

but a diamond has never

pulsed with breath.

It’s hard to imagine

this magnificent creature

inhabiting a pond, spending

years as a lowly nymph.

Yet now its airy presence

blazes like sunrise

if only for a few days

or weeks.

Lord, I am envious of its

firework by day, for I know

Your Spirit can flame

a passion in me,

so the precious days

or years I have left

will burn for You.

And even after,

let my embers glow

to warm or light another’s life

in Christ.


Reflection in His Eyes

In the secret place

with all the world behind,

I imagine myself praying

in the hollow of His hand.

My inner eyes gaze upward,

longing for a glimpse

of His eyes—

eyes radiant with compassion,

eyes that moved

our Lord to action.

I look not

for my reflection

but for faces

mirrored in His eyes;

those with the greatest needs

those for whom

His heart is aching.


What Birds and Angels Know

His whisper soft,

soft as breath

breathed on wings


feathers flowing

lifted upward,

daring all below

to rise, receive

what birds and

angels know.

Reach by faith

with spirit wings


wait and hear

His whisper soft,

soft as breath

gently leading,

gently lifting up…

(Previously published in Silver Wings)



When all worldly wisdom has breathed its last,

When time is forever called the past.

When all of earth’s treasures crumble to dust,

When all of man’s pride has spoiled as rust.

One truth will reign in unchanging hours,

One timeless truth with unbreakable power.

One faithful promise for each, every day,

Not one of His words will pass away.

The heartbeat of heaven pulses through life,

And I’m trusting the precious words of Christ.

Nothing can weaken the strength of His grace.

Nothing can sever His loving embrace.


Mark Weinrich is a cancer survivor,

a retired pastor, hiker, photographer,

and musician. His work has been

published in numerous newsstand,

literary, and inspirational publications.

He has sold eight children’s books

and currently has two fantasy novels

on Kindle.

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1 Comment

What a beautiful collection of poems. I have shared this on my FB page today. Beautiful photo as well.

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