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What child is this? A Christmas cento

Child in poverty,  little girl wearing a pink dress with light blue stripes, standing in dirt, image by Ashutosh Goyal,on Pixabay.

child in poverty, image by Ashutosh Goyal, on Pixabay

A Christmas Cento

What child is this?

Blessed are those who consider the helpless

love’s pure light

on a hill far away

and sees his brother in need

the silent stars go by

in the bleak midwinter

that we should love one another

breath of heaven

over the hills and everywhere

let every heart

Who is my neighbor?

the least of these

which now the angels sing.


Scripture references: Psalm 41:1, John 3:17,

1 John 3:11, Luke 10:29, and Matthew 25:40.

Excerpts from lyrics by William Chatterton Dix, Josef Mohr,

George Bennard, Phillips Brooks, Christina Rossetti, Amy

Grant and Chris Eaton, African-American spiritual compiled

by John Wesley Work Jr., Isaac Watts (interpretation of Psalm 98)

and Edmund Sears.

(Compiled by C.B. Harris)

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