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What Love Can Be: poems by Joe Bisicchia

tulips, image by stux, on Pixabay

Our Gestalt Perfect

we are not, yet somehow we are.

By grace.

See good Lord’s mercy and forgiveness,

and ours for each other. So goes the shape of our hearts.

And, yes, see.

We have it, as we are.


like all loves,

in all contours and colors.

So much infinity to see

through Love.

The closer we are to our Artist, to all that Love is,

the more we are complete,

the more we are you and me,

this blessed we.

And of two hearts,


a rounded overflowing vase of tulips,

an embrace.

So goes the finding of self in the total giving of self

in two committing to be one,

the shape of what Love can be.


Eyes And so it snows, and in the silence,

listen to lovers

as their souls to each other speak.

With all that is falling, so are we, you and I, intertwined,

soon to be upon the white. If I should crash and not catch you,

ping my heart and rescue me where I am, somewhere

under the avalanche of what is multiplied over and over.

We shall still recognize each other, maybe not at first,

but our inner eyes shall know. Go and cast away

counterfeit carbon copies that may seem to say

they instead know of us, for we are beyond the Xerox,

beyond that which could ever speak to what is unique in us.

All lovers are falling this way never too far from heaven.

For here we all are, by God made, and in that way, we purely are.

By grace, we fall, human kindness duplicated heart to heart.

Speak not of the world incomplete in puzzles incomprehensible.

Instead, connect to me despite our accumulating tower of babble,

and let us be real as we purely are—intricate and fragile,

yet simple and unbreakable. Open our souls, see our paradise,

and we shall see all our children with a sudden kiss.

And we shall melt to love, as to each other our lives we give.

We are made from Love. That is what Forever is.

And while to the cold earth, it may all seem so complex,

all this makes pure sense as you and I fall from above.

And so it snows, and in the silence, listen to lovers

as their souls to each other speak, simply through the eyes.


Our Serendipity Looking back.

Looking ahead.

May we always find each other. Beautiful.

Fashioned by God to be.

I envision you.

You envision me.

We go free

to find ourselves

in each other.

We believe.

And open our hearts. Beautiful.

Heaven, yes, will again make and generously create

our serendipity.


Made of Love God is Love.

And gathers.

Ever new.

Ancient as all time, it is as now.

One by one, by God, simply Love.

Let us be what we are made to be.

In everything we do.


Joe Bisicchia writes of our shared dynamic. An Honorable Mention recipient for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry, his works have appeared in numerous publications with over 175 individual poems published. He writes of the extraordinary power of faith in ordinary, everyday life. The collection to unwind has been published by Cyberwit. His website is

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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2022

"We are made from Love. That is what Forever is." Beautiful!

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