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An Article by Janine Pickett

February 10, 2020


                                                       Sowing Seeds


                                       (See the book of Mark, chapter 4)



            I’ve been taking an online mini-course called "Love Says Go" by Jason Chin.

  One of our exercises was "sowing seeds" and we were to go out in public and find          someone we did not know to pray for, encourage, or bless. I'm already one of those          people who hold doors, usually have a smile on their face, or give a compliment or          encouraging word to others while shopping. But this day, on my way to the grocery

  store, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to highlight someone specific for me to pray for              or bless.

            I went through the store being my usual self, but with a stronger sense of

  purpose. And found? Absolutely nobody. No one would return a smile, make eye              contact, or even seem approachable. I felt a little down about it and, after putting

  my bags in the truck, just sat there and started talking to Jesus, "Lord, this didn't

  go so well", and praying in tongues.

            When I looked up, I saw an elderly gentleman with white hair. He was

  wearing a pink shirt with a picture of a crown on the back and the words, "Stay

  Strong". I climbed out of my truck thinking this was the one I was supposed to

  pray for. But I looked around and could not find him. (Now I realize God must have

  been using him to encourage me.)

            I drove over to the new antique mall and ran into an old friend who just went          through a bad divorce, and I was able to give her some encouragement. But the              assignment specifically said to approach someone you don't know. I decided to try          another day. But on my way home, I heard "Taco Bell" loud and clear in my head.

  I wasn't hungry. Again I heard, "Taco Bell."

             So I whipped in there, ordered a couple tacos, and arrived at the window to

  find an exhausted young woman who was seven months pregnant with her first baby –

  a boy. She was willing to let me bless her and pray that all goes well during her                pregnancy and delivery, for her and the baby. While we were talking, a young man

  who worked there walked up and said, "I'm expecting a baby soon, too." I was able

  to encourage and bless him as well. Yay, Jesus! As I left, they thanked me and said,        "God bless you, too, Ma'am." I’m so grateful that God allowed me to participate in

  that humble, but holy, work of “sowing seeds.”






  Janine Pickett






Janine Pickett is a grandmother to four of the most adorable babies in the world. Her nonfiction work has appeared in commercial print magazines including Country Woman magazine and in "Chicken Soup For The Soul". Her fiction was nominated by THEMA literary journal for "The Year's Best Horror and Fantasy #17". Her current poetry appears in print anthologies: "'Tis the Season: An Anthology of Christmas Poems", "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze", "GFT Presents", and "Poets of Madison County". Her online work appears in Poebita Poetry Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, GFT Press (May). Janine recently co-edited a regional poetry anthology, "Poets of Madison County". She is the founding editor of Indiana Voice Journal and Spirit Fire Review. Janine can be reached at


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