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New Issue of Spirit Fire Review! March 2024

Updated: Mar 30

Abstract art: rectangles, triangles, and other shapes, somewhat like window panes, in white, black, gray, tans, plum, and soft red, image by WaveGenerics, on Pixabay.

abstract, image by WaveGenerics, on Pixabay

As I prepare to publish the abundance of fine work for this issue, I feel the editorial message can best be expressed by the contributors themselves.

I value all of the posts but chose eight excerpts to include in this editorial. (Perhaps

an invitation to explore the whole issue.)


So, whether it’s March and 23 degrees, snow covering most of the ground  (David James)

or that earliest warm day… when you know spring has arrived  (Patricia Hope)

no one is beyond the reach of His love. (Mark Weinrich)


Body to wood, Wood to body  (Mykyta Ryzhykh)

One chose to ridicule, the other chose to believe… we have the same exact choice today.   (Evalina Flory)


Every soul who kneels to worship is another candle-glow.  (Ada Anne Ohnezeit)

And, when doubt calls a tune it can no longer play, (R.L. Appleby)

it’s hallelujah in my bones ! (Adesina Ajala)


Happy Easter!



Change of Seasons: three poems by Ada Anne Ohnezeit                      

At the beginning of leap year: poem by Kate Copeland                              

A Matter of Faith: two poems by Patrick Connors                             

Surviving the Sierras: poem by Michael Shoemaker                        

Psalm into Silence: two poems by Mykyta Ryzhykh                                

Doubt: poem by R.L. Appleby                                   

Good Citizen: poem by John Szamosi                                                                  

Pretty Invisible: poem by Cody Adams                                    

More Stream Than Stone: 5 sonnets by Michael Zysk                           

Calling Out for a Miracle: poem by David James                               

His Reach: three poems by Mark Weinrich                                             

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