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A Poem by Bina Pillai: "My father called her “We”"

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"My father called her “We”"

My father called my mother "Nammal". I found that unique and strange. I asked my father, “What does that mean? Isn’t Indira her name?” My father was calm; he smiled, "Nammal is a Malayalam word. The meaning is simple;it means ‘We.’ Didn’t you know that, my child?” I pondered for a moment, I was taken aback, but loved his logic. From him I learnt “I” is not the word; “We” is beautiful, it creates magic.

While talking or writing to anyone, even my sister, I would write "We." Once someone asked me angrily, "Who is this We, you talk about all the time?” It takes away your ego; you give dignity to the person you address as We. I didn’t think about it till my father lived it and showed me. Our self-centered instinct disappears. You don't take your successes, failures, compliments, or critique personally. It teaches you, “Alone we are powerless, but together we can conquer.” So just using "We" makes one confident and powerful.

It's also a wonderful tool to get the best out of anyone. They will co-operate and work together, the moment you say We, and not I. The bond becomes stronger. It will help you shift from self-focused to others-focused. It will make you aware of others’ needs, which will make you compassionate. Compassion is the most beautiful quality one can ever have. I didn’t know, till my father showed me how.

All Rights Reserved 2017 Bina Pillai

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