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Two Poems by Joan Leotta: "Incendiary" and "Persistent Night"

Candles, Church, Pixabay


So many small lights



Beeswax, white

Small, lit column by row

In round burnished copper


melts into

puddles of pleading.

Sweetened waxy

Aroma pervades

the space,

a fragrance unto God

marking place as holy


incendiary prayer.

Persistent Night

Night stretches out,

past its appointed time.

Monstrous gray fog pitches

its tent over my patch of sky.

Air thick with dew carries

promise of rain, without fulfilling.

Light may be breaking through

somewhere, but not where I can see.

I cry out against day's dry dark,

"Lord, where are you?"

How long will dark and fog

persist without light or rain?

Lightning splits the darkness.

Hard, cleansing rain, at last. Selah.

Joan Leotta

Joan Leotta is a performer and writer whose motto is "Encouraging words through pen and performance." She seeks to fulfill this with folklore and one-woman performance, with poetry, essay, articles, and books for adults and children. Her first poetry volume, Languid Lusciousness with Lemon, came out in 2017 from Finishing Line Press. Reach out to her on Facebook to sign up for her newsletter of encouragement for writers.

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