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New Issue of Spirit Fire Review!

trees in winter, image by Erik Tanghe, on Pixabay

A New Issue!

We are so pleased to present to you the poetry of Heath Brougher,

Bruce Owens, Mark Weinrich, Veronica Michalowski, Janice Canerdy,

Hiromi Yoshida, Don Beukes, and Jason DeHart. And a poem that I submitted, though I really can’t take credit for it – because I believe

that Jesus Himself actively helped me to write it as a response to a

poem written by another friend of mine.

Also in this issue, we’re happy to say, are a personal essay

Janine Pickett (founding editor of Spirit Fire Review) and beautiful

artwork, including photography by Fabrice Poussin and paintings

by plein air artist Marie Massey.


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