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Tuesday Tips: Something Different

Tuesday Tips

Sometimes we need to do something different. As I wondered what to share

that would be meaningful during this time of Covid-19 concerns, the words

and music of well-known hymns began to come to mind.

I let those lovely songs speak comfort and encouragement to me. And

decided to write a cento – a poem made from lines of others’ writings.

While looking up hymns to make sure of lyrics and their authors, I found

myself praising God as I read inspired words. May they bless you, too.


Robed in the blooming garb of spring,

over the hills and everywhere

our song shall rise to Thee,

bless all the dear children,

carry everything to God in prayer,

no other fount I know,

when other helpers fail and comforts flee,

he will my shield and portion be,

the Bible tells me so,

I will cling to the old, rugged cross:

this is my story, this is my song –

let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

candle, gold, image by Shaun Palmer, on Pixabay

(candle, image by Shaun Palmer, on Pixabay)

Consisting of lines from hymns composed by: Joseph A. Seiss; an African-American

spiritual song, adapted by John Wesley Work; Reginald Heber; a song attributed to

Martin Luther, with third verse attributed to John T. McFarland; Joseph Medlicott

Scriven; Robert Lowry; Henry Francis Lyte; John Newton; Anna Bartlett Warner;

George Bennard; Fanny Crosby; and Harry Dixon Loes.

(Compiled by Cindy Harris)

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