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At the beginning of leap year: poem by Kate Copeland

Photo of abstract graffiti art, splotches of blue against a gray and rust background, rough texture, image by efes, on Pixabay, modified.

image by efes, on Pixabay, modified

At the beginning of leap year,

nothing needs predicted,

not back before, not now, here,

especially not, as snow 

subsides and blues fly silently.



hold your breath and bliss white circles.  


At the beginning,

all should stay trusted,

always ahead, always then, there,

especially, when winter

breaks and wolves tread back,



the promise of planes and pines.



the reality of hopeful birds.         



will you greet the joyous rules,

with me,  

with Him,                                       

bless the untempered tides of lights and a year?



will you repeat nothing past 



notice all Eternity?


Down the terraced hills, the green    

waits silently,


when slow suns prove perfect views.

The year begins. 


Kate Copeland’s love for languages led her to teaching & translating; her love for art & water

to poetry…please find her pieces @ and published @ The Ekphrastic Review, Wildfire Words, Gleam, First Lit. Review-East, AltPoetry a.o. She is a curator-editor for TER and runs some linguistic-poetry workshops for International Women's Writing Guild (IWWG). Kate was born @ harbour city and adores housesitting @ the world.


March 2024 issue


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Mar 30

I love Kate's unique "voice."

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