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Clap Hands: poem/song by Adesina Ajala

Updated: May 25

Photo of a crowd of people with arms uplifted, clapping hands, image by, on Pixabay, modified to black and white.

hands clapping, image by, on Pixabay,

modified to black and white

Clap Hands

& break into the songs in my poem.

This poem, hosanna breaking from my lips, 

changing my body in the aura of my Saviour.

This poem, hallelujah in my bones, 

crackling my knees into full prostrate. Bring 

forth His royal diadem, bring forth His royal diadem

& crown Him. Clap hands & ascend 

into my poem. Look to His pierced sides

& come, come into the concert at the upper room. 

This poem, bursting from my soul 

like pressured water from the throat                        

of a fountain. This poem, Pentecost tempest

lounging in my belly like the settling 

of a swirling thing. I will clap hands 

& sing this way & that way in the languages

only my spirit knows. This fire, 

this cloven tongue, wells up an inferno, 

a raging inside my loins. Clap hands

& wonder like Peter before the 

transfigured Christ. The excellency 

of the hands that carve these things           

before time. Clap hands 

& break into chants & hear them 

echo back to you from the depths.

He dwells in the praise of His 

people. Clap, clap hands & throw 

them wide & wild, throw them here & there

for the joy within, for the joy 

that transcends my momentary affliction 

which works for me far, eternal weights of glory.

Clap hands.


References: Psalm 22:3, 2 Corinthians 4:17, and

"All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” lyrics by Edward Perronet


Adesina Ajala, a 2022 Fellow of the Global Arts in Medicine (AiM), is a medical doctor & cardiothoracic surgery enthusiast. He loves words—their glitz, gleam, & glories, fine & refined words blown from calloused hands & blistered lips. Winner, Inaugural Freedom Voices Poetry Writing Prize (2019) & Winner, 2020/2021 Poetic Wednesdays Initiative Poetry Contest, Adesina's poems have appeared in Parousia Magazine, Konya Shamsrumi, LAUMED Journal, Heart of Flesh Literary Journal, The Wild Word, IHRAF Publishes & elsewhere. He's on Twitter/IG as: adesina_ajala.

March 2024 issue

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