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Death of a Homeless: poem by Peggy Everett

a homeless person, image by Myriams-Fotos, on Pixabay

Death of a Homeless

So ravaged by an icy wind

Beneath a black, indifferent sky,

A homeless soul the night has pinned,

Weighed down inside its cold goodbye.

Revealed when first the morning breaks:

A casualty of human scorn

And poverty its victory takes,

Although in God’s own image born.

Poor, luckless one whose last tear froze

The awful hour their last dream died.

A pauper’s pit their last repose—

Now with the angels they shall ride.

Then slip the bonds of needle hell,

Slide past where bottle slaves are poured.

And schizophrenia farewell,

Whose crosses raise us to our Lord.


Peggy Everett is a blind poet, dedicated

Catholic, and lifelong social activist. She

has been published in A Catholic Circle,

the St. Austin Review, the Catholic Poetry

Reading Room, and many other journals.

She lives in the rural Pacific Northwest with

her husband, where they run a small charity

for poor pets' essential needs.

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