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Heartwork: poems by Kathryn Sadakierski

ripples in a pond, image by stux, on Pixabay

Music of the Spirit

I never really feel as useful

As I want to be,

But I love that when I sing,

I can offer something good,

Coaxing every note out gently,

Shaping every word

With the care of glassblowing ornaments,

Handcrafting clay into a jar

To hold these lyrics

That mean so much to me,

Though every heartwork is meant

To be released

To a new soul needing to catch it

Like a butterfly

Making them believe

In the potential for beauty.

I hope you feel

More yourself, more seen, more loved,

When you hear

These songs of praise,

And melodies that ache

Of the sorrow that clenches my heart,

Realizing that another friend is always there

To be present in each season,

To hold your hand

When you can’t hold the words

Inside anymore.

There’s a music of the ear,

The tuning and twisting of sound,

Like the TV volume,

And a music of the spirit,

Putting an ear to the ground,

To the heart of life itself,

That everything within you

Knows to be true.

A bird doesn’t truly thrive

Until it falls,

And learns to fly.


The Gifts

Faith, hope, and charity,

Heartening us with the life we breathe.

Tongues of fire that give us

Fortitude and belief,

The gift of speech,

Understanding by which to reach others

With mercy.

Knowledge unclouds the mind,

Helping one to find

The wisdom to choose the right path,

To carry the torch,

And counsel others in due course.

Striving for the light

With humility,

One does not fear,

But moves with grace,

Believing in the Lord

With respect and piety,

By which to guide all people

To peace.


Seeds of Kindness

Kindness is a seed

Replanted in each heart,

An incandescent light

By which blossoms of hope grow.

Kindness is more

Than the scope of one person,

Beyond what words can tell;

Kindness can only be felt.

Kindness is full-circle,

A stone skipped in the pond,

Setting forth ripples in the world,



True kindness

Is never forgotten,

Much like a familiar face,

Recognizable in any crowd.

Kindness is a special gift

Not to be taken for granted,

Coming from the heart,

Sincere and selfless,

Kindness leaves a unique imprint

That cannot be erased.

Kindness renews faith, bringing clarity

That helps us see.

Reassuring as a lullaby,

Kindness is a soothing melody

Instilling peace,

Linking hearts together in solidarity.

Kindness is eternal,

Transcending time and place;

Kindness has a greater impact

Than one could ever know.

Rather than be quantified,

Kindness is measured by love,

Generosity of spirit,

Empathy that is a grace.

No matter how seemingly small, an act of kindness

Creates a foundation,

The soil for a garden,

The essential fabric

For a tapestry of stories,

So that every kind smile,

Word, and deed

Makes a difference.

Life is made better by the balm of kindness,

A remedy

That starts with planting just one seed,

A seed that is moved across vast lands by the wind,

Covering great distances,

And in bridging the gaps,

Touching many,

Innumerable as the stars.


Kathryn Sadakierski’s writing has appeared

in anthologies, magazines, and literary journals

around the world, including Agape Review, 

Bez & Co., Critical Read, Edge of Faith, Ekstasis Magazine, enLIVEN Devotionals, New Jersey

English Journal, NewPages Blog, Pensive: A

Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts, 

Refresh Bible Study Magazine, Snapdragon:

A Journal of Art and Healing, Today’s American Catholic, WestWard Quarterly, and elsewhere.

In 2020, she was awarded the C. Warren Hollister Non-Fiction Prize. She holds a B.A. and M.S. from Bay Path University.

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