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Hope Is an Anchor: song by Joy Nevin Axelson

Carved, wooden figures of an anchor and lighthouse, both painted white and blue on an ocean-blue background, image by Debbie Bird, on Pixabay, modified.

anchor and lighthouse, image by Debbie Bird, on Pixabay

Link to recording of the song (audio only)

Hope Is an Anchor (lyrics)

Hope is an anchor, death is a doorway,

life is a journey, and faith will take flight.

Longing and yearning, looking to Jesus,

living the long view—His kingdom in sight.

Standing together, watching and waiting,

clinging to peace in great storms of regret,

Yahweh is with us, comforting, guiding,

healing our heartaches—our broken bones set.

Praise the Lord, heavens rejoice,

call Him Lord, hear the sound of His voice.

Pain will be ended and death will have died

when we cross to our precious Lord’s side.

Raising the anthem, paradise beckons.

Under His banner, we’re strong in His love.

Jesus preparing beautiful mansions,

drawing us homeward to rapture above.

Walk now together, light up the darkness—

clothed with compassion and gilded with grace.

Lift up our heads now—triumph awaits us!

Fears are forgotten with a glimpse of His face.

Praise the Lord! Angels rejoice.

Christ is Lord! Hear the sound of His voice.

Burdens are banished, our tears are wiped dry

as we bask in the warmth of His light.


Joy Nevin Axelson earned a B.A. and an M.A.

in French. She also attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Joy is the translation coordinator

for GlobalFingerprints, the Evangelical Free Church of America’s child sponsorship branch. Her translations of training materials are used at 14 international sites. She enjoys traveling with her husband and two older children.

(December 2023 issue)

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1 Comment

Dec 18, 2023

Charming, a cappella version of her original song. Lovely.

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