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How Beautiful Heaven Must Be: personal narrative by Janine Pickett

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

prisms of color after an ice storm, rural Indiana, barn and ice-covered trees in background, the ground covered with colorful ice crystals, icicles hanging from the road signs, photo by Janine Pickett

after an ice storm in Indiana, photo by Janine Pickett

I regularly search flea markets and rummage sales for fine crystal—Lalique, Tiffany,

Val St. Lambert—at cheap prices to add to my ever-expanding collection of vases,

figurines, and art glass bowls. I am mesmerized by the light and colors of the rainbow

prisms that bounce through my curio cabinet and dance around my living room walls.

One particular day, I brought home a crystal decanter and set it in my kitchen window,

too tired, for now, to make room in the glass case. The sun came out and struck the

decanter in such a way that my whole kitchen was filled with amazing color and light.

I'd never seen such beauty, and it threw me into a state of pure "wonder." I stood there,

stunned, musing on the colors, thinking if we can see such beauty here on earth, then

how much more beautiful Heaven, with all its glory and light and color, will be.

Suddenly, I whispered aloud, "How beautiful Heaven must be!"

That evening, long after the sun set, my mind returned to what had happened in my

kitchen and I found myself repeating aloud, "Lord, Heaven must be so beautiful!"

The next morning, I woke up and looked out my window to see that an unexpected

ice storm had come in overnight, and the sun was striking the earth so that it glistened

like gems—rivers of rainbows, diamonds, crystals, and light. Praise God!

He hears our words, he knows our hearts, he brings us unexpected joy! He delights

in surprising us! Jesus knew the childlike wonder I experienced over the decanter

and its colors and the idea of how beautiful Heaven must be, and I believe he responded

by showing me so much more!

I realize probably many people in our area witnessed the beauty of that morning, but I

know without a doubt that the Lord was speaking to my heart.

"Lord, help me to set aside my cynical worldview, and see through the eyes of a child

the beauty, mysteries, and power of God." Amen.


Janine Pickett is the founding editor of Spirit Fire Review and Indiana Voice Journal. She's had nonfiction work published in commercial print magazines, including

Country Woman, and in Chicken Soup For The Soul. Her poetry appears in print anthologies, including Poets of Madison County, a regional poetry anthology

which she co-edited. Janine is also an artist. Her artwork has been featured in

online journals, used as book covers, and featured in the "Figures of Speech"

gallery at Anderson Museum of Art. You can reach her at:

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