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More Than Three Wishes: by Maria Justa Polotan

Photo of a cloud with swirled edges, backlit by sunlight, photo by Cindy Bousquet Harris. Praise the Lord!

photo by Cindy Bousquet Harris

More Than Three Wishes

I wish you gentle sunshine

And, more so, gentle rain,

I wish you deepest slumber,

I wish you free of pain.

I wish you grand beginnings

And even grander ends,

I wish the road you take is smooth

No matter where it bends.

I wish that all your lofty dreams

Will find the light of day,

And even in the darkest night

You’ll never lose your way.

I wish you faith and courage,

I wish you strength and truth,

I wish you curiosity

And innocence of youth.

I wish you every kindness

On earth and heaven above,

But, especially, for all your life,

I wish unending love.


Maria Justa Polotan is semi-retired music teacher.  Music

and writing have been the twin passions of her life since

high school, but she could choose only one to focus on

in college and chose the former.  She wrote very sparingly

since graduating, but when the pandemic and consequent lockdown came, the "work from home schedule" gave her a

lot of free time, so she decided to pick up the pen once more.

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2 comentarios

Serenity ♥️

Me gusta

Jason Caldwell
Jason Caldwell
06 dic 2022

Absolutely lovely!

Me gusta
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