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Overload: a poem by James R. Campbell

Photo of rich green branches on an evergreen tree, image by Mabel Amber, on Pixabay.

evergreen, image by Mabel Amber, on Pixabay


Find a quiet space to escape

confusion and mayhem,

the continuous bombardment

of information that comes

from many sources.

Leave the world behind for a while

in a relaxed state of mind,

let your thoughts drift freely

in whatever sanctuary where you may take refuge;

troubles of the outside can’t reach you there.

When the time is right, emerge

from your peaceful abode,

knowing that you may resume

the place from which a choice can be made

as to how you will respond to the less fortunate.

Whether prayer is your approach

or you choose to play an active role,

rest assured that your efforts

may be cherished by those

who depend on the kindness of others.


James R. Campbell of Odessa, Texas, has been totally blind from birth. With a Bachelor‘s degree in psychology, he graduated from the local branch of The University of Texas in 1989. He’s been writing since childhood. He enjoys his work, but often finds it hard to

come up with something to write, because he has so many ideas in his head.

October 2023 Issue

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2 comentarios

"Rest assured that your efforts

may be cherished. "

Me gusta

19 nov 2023

I love how this poem conveys a sense of peace, "Leave the world behind for a while," then shows how rest and relaxation can lead us to action to help those in need. Wonderful.

Me gusta
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