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Photography by Gene and Cindy Williams

(Ketchikan, Alaska, photo by Gene Williams)

(church, photo by Gene Williams)

(sunset riches, photo by Gene Williams)

(aspens, photo by Cindy Williams)

(autumn, photo by Cindy Williams)

(fall colors, photo by Cindy Williams)

Gene and Cindy Williams love to capture beautiful sights through the lens of a camera. Gene studied photography in high school and college, and continues to hone his craft.

He has won several awards for his photos, most recently First Place in a contest sponsored by Nikon through Princess Cruises. Cindy is drawn to the brilliant colors of nature and

often uses them as inspiration for quilts that she creates. Together they enjoy traveling and documenting their adventures through scenic prints. They have been married for 40 years, have four grown children, four grandchildren, and currently live near St. Louis, Missouri.

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