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Pretty Invisible: poem by Cody Adams

Photo: close-up of a thistle blooming, in pink and purple, the background a blur of green, image by Elsemargriet, on Pixabay.

thistle, image by Elsemargriet, on Pixabay

Pretty Invisible 


Nobody notices 

the lovely little landscapes 

encircled by highway on / off ramps.

Little Edens bloom there,

gangly grass waltzes with itself in spring breeze, 

free trees launch limbs wherever they please,

and wildflowers poke their lavish crowns 

through fertile dirt to serenade the dusk.


These miniature paradises are caged

in whirlpools of rush hour traffic twirling

counterclockwise. Drivers’ eyes are

hypnotized by the buzz of busyness, 

ears clogged by the slog of creaking cogs.

We’re blind to His needle-finger reaching down, 

deaf to the green vinyl record spinning its lament:


There’s nothing 

more common,

more tragic,

than beauty unseen.

Cody Adams is an English Teacher from Buffalo, NY. His poetry has appeared

in Ekstasis Magazine, Heart of Flesh, Cacti Fur, among others. He received the

2016 Clarence Amann award for his short story “Unstuck.” He also serves as

a Board Member for Forefront Festival.

March 2024 issue

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1 Comment

Mar 29

Lovely poem.

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