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The Holy Spirit Moves: poems by Janice Canerdy

open Bible, image by Agnieszka Monk, on Pixabay

The Holy Spirit Moves

The Holy Spirit moves within

to help my mind discern

which paths are right, which lead to sin;

to teach—if I will learn.

I delve into God’s Word.

Each time my heart is stirred;

His still small voice I’ve heard.

Each day His love He proves.

The Holy Spirit moves.


Life Is Full of Promises

Man’s promises are spoken, kept,

and broken every day

by sweethearts, friends and family,

by those at work and play.

They’re made by those who think ahead

and those who speak in haste.

They may be plain and simple or

with lofty phrases laced.

Because we all are fallible

and life is full of change,

our promises may not be met

as plans get rearranged.

God’s promises are in His Book

for every eye to see.

To claim them, people sometimes fail

to see faith is the key.

They blindly get their wants confused

with needs and pray amiss,

expecting God to answer fast

and fill their lives with bliss.

Omniscient God knows what we need.

Believers have in store

the peace that only God can give,

deep joy, and so much more:

forgiveness for sins we confess

and wisdom, if we ask;

defense against the Devil’s snares

as in God’s love we bask;

His Spirit dwelling deep within

to guide our steps aright;

and when our race down here is run,

a home in Heaven bright.


Janice Canerdy is a retired high-school English teacher from Potts Camp,

Mississippi. She especially enjoys rhymed, metered poetry and mourns its

near-demise in some circles. Her writings have appeared in numerous

publications, including Spirit Fire Review, Wild Violet, The Road Not Taken,

Bitterroot, Society of Classical Poets, Lighten Up Online, Better Than Starbucks,

Saturday Evening Post, and in anthologies published by the Mississippi Poetry

Society, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Whispering Angel

Books, and Quill Books. She is the author of Expressions of Faith, published

by Christian Faith Publishing.

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