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The Light: poems by Bruce Mundhenke

orange brush strokes, image by Prawny, on Pixabay

The Path Look at the world around you, A feast for your eyes to behold, All just for you, a precious gift, Of far more value than gold. Beauty that nearly blinds you, If you opened your eyes to see, And overflows your heart with joy, With the knowledge that you are free. The wonders you have not been aware of, Have surrounded you every day, Calling to you, beckoning you, Each a path to the Way. At last, when you finally walk the path, Boundaries disappear, You drown in the bliss of oneness, With never a trace of fear.

* The Light Within the realm of darkness, Within the heart of night, Evil in its darkest hour, Cannot prevent the light. The light has shined in darkness, And cannot be denied, It shined upon the prisoners, Imprisoned by the night, Evil could not keep them, From coming to the light.


Bruce Mundhenke writes poetry and short fiction. He sees in nature inspiration and revelation. He lives in Illinois with his wife and their dog and two cats.

August 2021 issue

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29 ago 2021

"Evil in its darkest hour,

Cannot prevent the light." Amen. Hallelujah!

Me gusta
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